The History of the Onyx in the Rings

The word onyx literally means fingernail or claws. It is believed that Venus, the goddess, had Onyx fingernails. The onyx stones we have are her fingernail clippings. For some reason fingernail rings don’t sound of as alluring as onyx rings.

The black stone has a lot of superstitions around it. In India and Persia, it was a guardian. It was used to protect those in pregnancy and childbirth. It also was used to protect against evil spirits and the evil eye.

There are still a lot of beliefs about health claims surrounding the onyx stone. It is used to gain self-control. It is supposed to drive away any pessimism and allow people to focus better. It has even been linked to more romance. Some say that it heels psoriasis. To get the most medicinal treatment out of the black stons, people soak it in water and then use the water to clean with. If you want the spiritual power of the onyx, wearing it will be sufficient.

There have been no scientific studies made to back up any of these claims. Some say this is because there is no money in finding natural remedies. Others say it is because the onyx healing is a hoax. Still, it is proven that if you use a treatment which is ineffective but believe that it works, you may end up seeing good results. Also, note that there is no risk in washing yourself with water that had a black stone soaking in it. It won’t hurt you. It won’t hurt you anymore than bathing in a pond that has natural stones would.

The black stone was popularized by Queen Victoria. Her husband of 40 years died when she was still in her prime. When you’re mourning you are not allowed to wear any other colors than black. In her time, this was law. She wore a lot of onyx jewelry including Onyx rings. Her use of it made it a focus of many jewelers who wanted to catch her attention. This made it a more common stone to be use for everyone’s jewelry.

Women love black stone rings for all kinds of reasons. However, they have a whole slew of gemstones to pick from. The number of manly gems is a little bit more limited. Onyx is one stone that seems manly. Men often use it in signet rings. It is common for a man to choose a wedding band with the black stone. It is a ring that no one can call feminine.

Some people love the onyx because of their rich history. If you are huge fan of Queen Victoria, you might want to start in Onyx collection. You might also be more interested in her pre-mourning garb. Others believe in the healing power of the onyx. Whether you agree with the scientific theory or not, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot if one of the ailments is relevant to your situation. Others just want to an attractive black stone ring. No one can deny that the onyx ring is beautiful. It is masculine and feminine at the same time.

The Gift Of Onyx Rings

Have you ever received an onyx ring for your birthday? Most people have not. Onyx rings are beautiful and stunning. Other types of onyx jewelry make a great gift as well. It’s out of the ordinary so it’s not something you have to worry about them already having. Onyx necklaces are also stunning and go with so many clothes. Any woman would love to get a silver or gold necklace with a black stone.

If you have an anniversary coming up, your spouse might be a little surprised to see a black stone in the a ring or piece of jewelry you give them. This is because in American culture black is associated with death. Once you explain that the history of the onyx associates it with protection and guardianship, it will seem more like a loving act.

If you don’t know what to get someone for Christmas, onyx jewelry is a great choice. Sometimes you have a few Goths in your family that you don’t know how to shop for. Onyx jewelry is a great compromise. If you don’t exactly like their style, you’ll still like onyx jewelry. Also, if they ever grow out of their Gothic ways, they will still have use for that jewelry. Unfortunately, their drawer full of black mascara will probably go bad before they use it all if they grow out of the faze.

Black onyx Signet rings are a good way to celebrate a promotion of someone that you work with or a good way to celebrate the promotion of a loved one. A custom made Signet ring with the logo of the company in the onyx is a classy way to welcome people into the upper ranks of the company.

Valentine’s Day used to be a day of pink and red and sometimes white. If you’re going to get jewelry for a loved one, those were the colors pick. White is the color diamonds. You can’t go wrong there. However, if you want a little bit more casual or a little bit less expensive, an onyx ring is a great way to go. They’re great for men and women. You can get all sorts of onyx jewelry for women. You can get a whole set fairly inexpensively and she’ll love it.

An onyx Signet ring is a great way to celebrate graduation. Some people like to get the class rings that the school puts out. A lot of people find them gaudy. Other people find them too expensive for what’s involved. Instead, getting custom-made onyx ring will be a classy alternative. You can make it in such a way that it’s not gaudy. If you’re not a huge fan of your school colors you won’t have to wear those. It will be about the same cost as the school rings, but look much more elegant.

Black is one of those colors that never goes out of style. It is one that everyone loves. That’s why you can’t go wrong with choosing black onyx jewelry. It’s not expensive so it’s not a huge risk. You can do a lot with it. It can be ornately feminine or strong and masculine. It truly is a stone for every person.

Maintaining The Onyx Ring

The onyx ring is beautiful and is one you want to last for years and years. However, an onyx is no diamond. Each stone is measured in Mohs. The Mohs are a hardness measurement. A diamond is a 10 because it is the hardest stone known to exist. An onyx is only a seven. Contrast that to gold, with a Moh of three. Gold is more likely to be scratched then both onyx and diamonds. Diamonds will never be scratched. An onyx can be scratched. That’s why there are certain measurements you need to do to take care of it.

First, a lot of people put a finish on the onyx. A covering of oil often is sufficient. If you do it once a year for all of your precious stones, you’ll be ahead of the pack in taking care of your jewelry. You also want to clean it regularly. If food gets on it while you’re eating, just clean it off right away. Don’t let anything settle in the cracks. If you need to get a pipe cleaner to clean around the edges do that. Toothbrushes are also effective for this.

People think that when they’re out and about, that’s the greatest risk to their jewelry. That’s not it at all. It’s when your jewelry is being clumped around with other jewelry in the box and being put on and taken off clumsily. A good rule is that jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing that you take off. This makes it less likely that they’re going to be pulled off by your clothes when you take off your shirt, and drop to the floor. It also allows you to organize them as you’re taking them off.

Keeping your jewelry organized is one of the best ways to prevent scratches. This is especially true if you have diamonds. Diamonds won’t get scratched, but they will scratch other jewelry. You need to have a good jewelry organizer. One that has a spot for each ring is a good start. You’ll also want a place to hang all of your necklaces in a way that they won’t get tangled. This is good not just for your rings but for everything. It allows you to enjoy your jewelry more and it keeps your jewelry in better condition.

The basics of keeping your onyx ring in good condition are not difficult to grasp. Clean the onyx ring whenever it gets dirty. If the inside of the ring is engraved, you’ll want to clean out more frequently since engraving can attract dirt into the cracks. Don’t soak your onyx ring into any solutions besides water. It is a porous stone that can absorb the cleaners. That will change the color of the stone. A little bit of oil applied once a year will help to repel any damaging substances. Be sure to keep your rings stored in a place where won’t be scratched by other jewelry. Be organized so you can access it easily and enjoy it often.

Buying Onyx Rings

The word Signet is related to the word sign. A signet ring would often leave an impression in a wax seal to show the importance of the sender and to make sure no one opened it besides the recipient. It was a sign. Commoners did not wear a signet ring. It was an elite status symbol. The signet ring today, whether it be onyx or gold, has the same weight to it.

The earliest signet rings were made of metal only. This made it easier to make a mark in a wax seal. Jewelers have since been able to bring gemstones into various lines of rings. Now you can have a print on an onyx signet ring by having metal engraved into the stone. These are used for so many things. The signet ring is more popular in men than in women. They’re common in the military and often in religious ceremonies. It usually accompanies a promotion in the business world.

Signet rings were traditionally worn on the pinky finger. This gave them a more substantive look. They are already a large ring. The signator wear them all the time so that no one could forge a document as from them. It doesn’t have to be the style you wear them in today; you can wear them as you will.

Signet rings for men made of onyx can be simple ornate. Some like to get them with their family initial. Some like them with their company logo. This is a great gift to give to someone who’s getting a promotion within the company. Some people like to get them for their favorite sports team. Whatever is close to your heart, you can get on your signet ring. You can also get one that’s plain black. This is a stunning look and supremely attractive.

Women’s onyx rings are totally different story. Some women love the onyx ring for their wedding set. The traditional diamond just isn’t their thing. They don’t want to spend the money on it and the look isn’t something they want to wear for the rest of their lives. They don’t want the traditional look. A black ring is dainty and feminine.

Women can get some crazy beatiful onyx jewelry sets. They can have ornate gold or silver around the stone. Sometimes a stone’s round and flat and other times it is cut to look like a gemstone. The contrast the black brings to the molded metal is always gorgeous.

Buying an onyx ring is nothing like buying a diamond. When you’re buying a diamond you need to check the clarity and cut to make sure you’re getting a quality stone for the money you’re paying. It’s also a large investment if you’re getting a high quality diamond. It’s not something you can do lightly. An onyx ring is much less expensive. It isn’t a common stone, but they’re more common and accessible than the diamond. You don’t have to worry about losing a fortune by buying low-quality onyx ring. You’ll be able to see the quality right when you buy it. You can look at your local jeweler, but you’ll find a way more selection by going online to a site like Amazon.

Onyx Promise Rings For Young Men

It was not long ago that the promise ring was only in the fringe of society. When people thought of the promise ring, they thought of homeschooled Christian girls. Their parents had made them swear to purity until they found a suitable spouse. Often, the Christian girls liked this commitment. However, promise rings have a much more far-reaching scope now.

A lot of the younger generation coming up realizes that they don’t want to live like their parents. They don’t want to be twice divorced and single at 50. They don’t want to be a single mom or a deadbeat dad. They’re realizing that a traditional family structure is good for them and good for any children they may have. Many times, young people have broken families yet they are committing themselves to have a more honorable life and using the promise onyx ring to keep themselves accountable.

No one can deny that the amount of girls using these tactics is higher than the amount of boys. Some have actually believe estrogen is the hormone of morality. However, promise onyx rings are becoming popular with young men too. Sometimes they are popular if the young man is engaged. Often they are popular when a young man wants to save himself for marriage. Sure, you’ll find lots of people who will snicker at that. The young man realizes that. He’s making a statement with his life.

He’s not wearing the dainty promise rings that his female counterparts are wearing. He doesn’t have a little gemstone or an etched message from his father. Instead, it will look more like a wedding band that’s not worn on his left ring finger. It will usually be worn on his right ring finger or left middle finger. Often, men choose the promise onyx rings. They give a masculine look. They look serious. They show his intention. He’s not playing games with his life. He wants to live an honorable life with a family.

There is backlash against the promise rings and the movement behind them. Some see the family unit as antiquated and outdated. Some feel that the family unit and the ideology that goes with it is holding people back. Some people feel that advocating a family is infringing on their own personal rights. However, these people aren’t trying to force their ways on anyone else. They want to make a choice that’s right for their life and use an onyx ring to make that statement. They want to give courage to others who want to do the same but societies pressure is pushing them in the wrong direction.

The best advice I’ve heard regarding this is to live and let live. I don’t know anyone who’s wearing a promise onyx ring saying that promise rings and the commitments that go with them should be mandated by law. I don’t know anyone who wants the whole world to believe exactly the way they do. Most people are willing to accept that others are going to have different viewpoints. They just want others to accept their viewpoints is valid as well.